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Long Head

The Long Head by Polecam is specially designed for larger Cameras such as the Canon C300 and the Panasonic AF101. The Long Head benefits from full electronic control with pulse encoded Faulhaber motors used for both pan and tilt operations.


The head uses a 12 bit PID motion controller to regulate the pan and tilt axis via a closed loop configuration meaning you get an extremely accurate and easily controllable head. This head can move up to 30 times slower than previous versions and can also do a full 360o in just 7 seconds.


The Long Head is backwards compatible with most Polecam rigs (using up to five sections).


To facilitate unlimited panning the Long Head has power and monitoring options built in via slip rings on the head, designed to monitor a composite signal the BNC actually handles HD SDI which is a useful bonus! (for monitoring purposes only) Power is provided to enable camera DC adapters to be used and there is an iris drive power outlet for our small iris drive motors (used with split head Toshiba cameras and similar mini cams).


The Long Head is designed with flexibility in mind and you can detach the Polecam mounting bracket drop arm (4 screws) and that will reveal a 3/8 UNC threaded plate screwed to the drop arm, remove this and screw it to the top of the Wide Head. Attach the inverted head to whatever suits your intended use.

Long Head Dimensions
Weight: 142g/3.15lb(US) Max payload: 3.6kg / 8lb Overallheight(pivottobase): 585mm/23.03” Max load height on cradle: 325mm / 12.79” Max load width on cradle: 200mm / 7.87” Base plate: 100mm / 3.94” depth slottedcentrewithtwoadditional slotseithersideat 20mm/ 0.78” intervals, slot width is 6.5mm / 0.255”

Connections (slip ringed for unlimited panning)
BNC: for video monitoring (composite) 4-pin hirose: Power tap (12v) 4-pin binder: Iris drive connection (selected cameras)


Polecam Long Head

C300 on Polecam Long Head