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Panasonic Cameras

The new recorder/camera combination from Panasonic is an exciting development. Added to a Polecam, it offers potential customers either a versatile entry level HD rig or a state of the art HD medical rig, the medical area being one in which Polecam is gaining a growing reputation for excellence.

Camera and recorder can both be mounted directly onto a current Polecam. All the controls are exactly where you want them and large enough to be used with confidence even in low light. Iris, focus and zoom can be remotely operated from the front panel of the AGHMR10 recorder via up to 10 metres of cable. The recorder has a 3.5 inch monitor and an enlarged display-focus-assist function which can be used in conjunction with a larger Polecam mounted LCD monitor or even instead of one. In terms of size and weight, the recorder is far more portable than any traditional tape or disc based device, and far more robust.

Panasonic cameras for Polecam