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Camera Corps HD MiniZoom Camera

Camera Corps are proud to announce their brand new mini HD camera with built-in 10x zoom lens! Quite simply the smallest broadcast quality HD camera zoom lens system that includes full remote control of zoom, focus and CCU functions.

Camera Corps Controller

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Camera Corps Multi-Rate SD/HD Re-Clocker

The Camera Corps multi-rate re-clocker can be used to re-clock any serial digital SD or HD signal. Two re-clocked outputs are provided.

It will normally accept and re-clock a serial digital HD input signal (1.485Gb/s) from up to 230m of Belden 1694A cable.

Operation is fully automatic with auto selection of any input data rate from 143Mb/s to 2.97Gb/s. The unit operates from any DC power input from 9-18v consuming just 1.5watts.

A 5volt DC power input is also available as an option.

  Multi rate clocker