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Resolve Optics Z10-HDcf 10x Zoom Lens

Polecam is pleased to announce they have been formally appointed as the Exclusive Global Distributor
for the Resolve Optics Z10 miniature HiDef zoom lens.

The new compact Z10-HDCF high definition zoom lens is ultra compact with dimensions of just
45 x 45 x 98.3 mm including the C-mount thread.

• 10x Zoom
• M37 W/A adaptor available
• 1080i/720P TVL resolution
• Ultra compact
• Max aperture f/1.8-f/2.8
• Close focus down to 450mm
• Motorised zoom, focus and iris
• Topside and back focus adjustment
• C-Mount
• Broadcast
• Film
• Industrial
• Military
• Sport
• TV
• Wildlife
Z10 zoom lens

Compatible with;

compatible with

Fujinon Lenses

The Fujinon TF-series 1/3" 3-CCD lenses has, for some years now, been our lens of choice for use on the Toshiba TU63, HD1 and Iconix RH1 cameras. Our specialist knowledge and the fact that we are constantly searching for high quality lens solutions ensures that we always have the best optics for our camera range.

Please contact us if you have any specific requirements as we assess all appropriate lenses as they come available and can provide you with expert advice.

Polecam also offers its Full Frontal Filter System (FFFS), designed specifically to fit on Fujinon TF lenses including the 2.8mm without vignetting.


Datasheet (PDF)
Theia MY125M
Theia 1.3mm F1.8 1-CCD HD Rectilinear Lens : FOV 125 degrees
Theia MY110M
Theia 1.67mm F1.8 1-CCD HD Rectilinear Lens : FOV 110 degrees
Fujinon TF2.8 DA-8
Fujinon 2.8mm f2.2 Lens: FOV 89 degrees
Fujinon TF4 DA-8
Fujinon 4mm f2.2 Lens: FOV 63 degrees
Fujinon TF8 DA-8
Fujinon 8mm f2.2 Lens: FOV 34 degrees
Fujinon TF15 DA-8
Fujinon 15mm f2.2 Lens: FOV 18 degrees
Fujinon TF25 DA-8
Fujinon 25mm f2.2 Lens: FOV 11 degrees
0.5x Wide Angle Adaptor
Polecam HD M37 wide angle adapter